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Martin Linhart (director and filmmaker) was born in Prague. Quentin Tarantino’s movies, vibes of Los Angeles and entire California became his inspiration and hobby very soon. 


„Los Angeles is the place where people come to entertain and to be entertain, no matter from which part of the world they come from. This connection of people, art and glorious weather is something what you can simply experience only there.“


It’s perhaps surprising that the biggest role model for Martin is ice hockey player Jaromir Jagr. This personality of our famous hockey player is significant not only in Martin’s personal life, but also in his professional life, his artistic name - Marty68 and his production 68 Pictures are a clear reference to Jaromir Jagr.


Besides the love of movies, his second passion is music, especially that from sunny California. The most striking band for Martin is Blink 182 and personality of the singer Tom Delonge. He is along with Jagr the gratest Marty’s inspiration – whether from the musical, film, art or lifestyle side. 


Martin’s first video clips and short films arise in 2005, when he starts to dedicate his life to filming. 


„I created the first video only for my friends only. It was carefree period of my life in high school. I have been watching music videos of my favorite bands over and over again, so I wanted to create something similar by myself. I started with camera borrowed from my parents on which they mostly filmed our holidays,“ recalls his beginnings Martin.


By and by he developed into sought creator of video clips, which he has more than 50 on his account. He worked for the leading Czech and Slovak artists – such as Karel Gott, Lenny, Anna K., Ewa Farna, Marpo and many others. 


Nowadays in addition to making video clips he also directs commercials and various PR videos with his team from production 68 Pictures.

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